4ft Storage System

grid garage shelving
4 foot storage system
grid garage shelving
grid shelving system
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4ft Storage System

$399.99 / each Item #: N/A

With a 1000 lb shelf and fully adjustable bars and hooks, this is the best 4 foot storage solution.

4ft Storage System Specs:

2- 24" Brackets
1- 2'x4' Grid Shelf
2- 51" Monkey Bar
1- 48" Angle Iron
2- 3" Single Hooks
1- 3" Wide Hooks
1- 6" Narrow Hook
1- 12" Double Hook
3- J Hooks
1- Hardware Pack

At Monkey Bars, we build products to last and our 4FT Storage System is no exception. We've combined American ingenuity with world class manufacturing to create the only wall mounted shelf rack that can hold up to 1000 pounds for every four feet of space. We also implemented our patented layered storage solutions and included multiple bars and hooks. If your garage looks more like a storage unit or a glorified junk drawer, start organizing your life today with our 4FT Storage System.

No Ordinary Shelf


I was hesitant to spend this much money on a 4ft shelf but saw the good reviews and the flexibility with accessories, so I decided to go ahead with one unit to try. In addition to the shelf unit, I purchased 5 "J-hooks" for hanging bicycles from the crossbar. I was blown away with the impact that just one 4ft shelf had in my shed. It took a 6x6 corner area that was basically just a heap of junk and impossible to maneuver through, and got it consolidated into 4 feet of wall space, off the ground, and perfectly organized. This includes -- and I am not exaggerating -- 5 bicycles, 7 snowboards (without bindings), 2 wakeboards (with bindings), 2 longboard skateboards, and a bunch of bike helmets (I clip the chinstraps to the wire shelf so they hang underneath). The J-hooks slide along the bar, so you can optimize the space needed for each bike. I could get one more on there if I wanted to. I alternate between front and back tires on the hooks to offset the handlebars, and it's really easy to get any bike on and off the rack... which is a big improvement over trying to extract one bike and have the rest of them fall over. The unit is incredibly strong, and should be impervious to rust with the thick coating they put on it (we live on the coast in the salt air, so that's a big deal for us). The installation wasn't hard, I am moderately handy and did it alone, but it would have been easier with a helper. I will say that the hardware is really heavy duty. The lag screws to mount the shelf brackets are BIG, you definitely have to drill significant pilot holes and use a ratchet driver to get them in. Definitely use a stud finder if you're going through sheetrock so you don't miss the studs. I got a good clean installation and I think the shed itself will fall down before the shelf does. Overall, I was super impressed and have since bought enough shelves, bars, hooks and accessories to outfit my dream shed. Also, I had some questions about different configurations and the company was very responsive to email via their website... good customer service.

Great Space Saver


i recently got the monkey bar system so i would be more organized in my garage. this product is the best way to see what you have and keep the floor clean. on just one monkey bar shelf i put 2 bikes,my golf club bag , my rakes , and 6 tubs full of holiday decorations. This is the STRONGEST and best storage system out there! Also, i got the ball net which holds 8 basketballs! This product is a great investment and it is easy to install!

High Quality Product


Monkey Bars is the best product to organize your garage with! You can't beat the movable hangers and the amount of weight this system can hold. I looked around for comparable systems and nothing comes close to Monkey Bars

Product Belt

Rubber Coated Hooks

The rubber coating protects your items as well as increases the grip of the hook.

Powder Coated Protection

All hooks, bars, and brackets are powder coated for a tough exterior that looks great.

Industrial Grade Steel

All of our kits are made with steel to provide you with strength you can count on.